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Are You Looking For A Heating & A/C Repair Company in Carmichael, CA?

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As a premier Carmichael heating contractor, one of the tasks we take care of is heat pump repairs. Heat pumps can develop all kinds of repair issues, and for all sorts of reasons.

A leak could develop in the refrigerant line, draining the system of the fluid it needs to transfer heat properly. The solenoid in the reversing valve could lose its charge, preventing the heat pump from directing the flow of refrigerant through its system to switch between heating and cooling modes.

No matter what the problem with your heat pump is, though, we can help. We offer a full range of heat pump repair services for Carmichael customers, so give us a call.

We Provide Duct Replacement, Tune–Up, and Maintenance Services in Carmichael, CA

If you want the air conditioning in your Carmichael home to remain in the best possible shape, for as long as possible, there are a couple of different things you should do.

- First and foremost, you should schedule maintenance services at least once a year. This helps your air conditioning technician to find and fix any issues before they can grow large enough to damage the system.

- You should also have your ducts checked at least once every few years, to make sure that they don’t need to be replaced. Crane Heating & Cooling offers full duct replacement and AC maintenance services.

- Never ignore red flags that indicate you need repair service. Too many homeowners end up causing their system to breakdown completely when it could have been avoided.

When it comes to HVAC service in the Carmichael area, our workmanship is unsurpassed.

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If you are looking for a professional heating & air conditioning company in the Carmichael area, then please call Crane Heating & Cooling today at 916-622-0040 or fill out our online request form.

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