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Types of Thermostats – Know Your Options


The thermostat is the entire brain of your heating and cooling system. This is what controls the temperature setting and your HVAC literally cannot function without it.

That being said, it is obviously something that you want to work and work well. Plus, it is something you should understand before deciding which one would be right for your Roseville home.

What Would be Best For You?

There are a great many different types of thermostats on the market today, and they’re growing in number all the time. Let’s take a look at a few of them now:

- Wireless Thermostats: One of the main issues with traditional thermostats is that they can only monitor the temperature in one area of the home. Wireless thermostats solve this problem by using a number of satellite units. Only one unit is wired into the climate control systems, but the rest can be placed around the house to cover a wider area. When one of these satellite units detects a need for conditioning, it sends a signal to the main unit to activate the system.

- Smart Thermostats: One of the disadvantages of manually manipulating your thermostat is that you can waste energy very easily if you’re not careful. Smart thermostats are capable of learning what your climate control habits are over the course of a few weeks. After a certain point, the thermostat will be able to keep your climate comfortable as efficiently as possible with no input required.

- Digital Thermostats: If you’d prefer to stick with the traditional thermostat type, we offer a wide range of different digital thermostats that can meet your needs. These models are outfitted with the latest technology, ensuring that they can keep your climate control systems operating as efficiently as possible.

Call the Crane Heating & Cooling for HVAC services, when you are ready to learn more or have your thermostat installed, repaired or replaced. Make the wise choice to contact us for your heating and air conditioning company service needs.

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