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What You Need to Know About a Dual Fuel System

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Heat pumps are excellent systems in terms of energy-efficiency. They’re capable of both heating and cooling functions, and don’t have to burn fuel to generate heat.

However, in extremely cold weather they just can’t heat a home well enough as there is too little thermal energy in the air. Furnaces, on the other hand, generate quite a bit of heat but are not as energy-efficient as they have to burn fuel to generate it.

A hybrid heat dual fuel system is a perfect marriage of these two systems, as they cover each other's weaknesses. The heat pump is active most of the time, so you can benefit from its energy efficient operation. When the weather gets too cold for the heat pump, the furnace activates and keeps the home warm.

Understanding the Basics

Opting for a dual fuel system makes good sense, but what also makes sense is gaining a basic comprehension of how the system works:

- Put simply, this system partners an electric heat pump with another source, usually a gas furnace, then alternates between the two. This is done to maximize comfort as well as improve energy-efficiency.

- During the warm months, the heat pump provides service like a central AC, and then switches to offering heat during the spring and fall. And when cold winter days move in, the system switches to the furnace as the heat source.

- Generally speaking, the heat pump does the work until the temperature drops below 35ºF.

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