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Heating & Air Conditioning Articles & Tips

Crane Heating & Cooling goes above and beyond to take care of our clients. This includes making sure you have a functional heating and cooling system, but also a basic knowledge of the HVAC system.

3 Benefits of Regular Furnace Maintenance

During the cold winter months, you and your family rely on your furnace to help you keep your home warm, cozy, and comfortable, but if you haven't been keeping your system properly maintained, you might find it difficult to [...]

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Advantages of a Ductless Systems

There are many advantages to installing a ductless system in your Roseville home. Since ductless systems don’t burn fuel to generate heat, they’re quite a bit more energy-efficient than traditional heating systems, but this is just one benefit [...]

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What You Need to Know About a Dual Fuel System

However, in extremely cold weather they just can’t heat a home well enough as there is too little thermal energy in the air. Furnaces, on the other hand, generate quite a bit of heat but are not as energy-efficient as they have to burn fuel to generate it [...]

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Types of Thermostats – Know Your Options

The thermostat is the entire brain of your heating and cooling system. This is what controls the temperature setting and your HVAC literally cannot function without it [...]

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