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Ductless Systems in Roseville, CA

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There are a myriad of different climate control systems available on the market today, both for heating and cooling. When it comes to Roseville homeowners though, ductless systems are becoming more popular than ever.

Ductless systems offer a wonderful array of advantages to homeowners who make use of them. Crane Heating & Cooling offers a full range of HVAC company services throughout Roseville, CA. If you need a ductless system installed or serviced, give us a call today and schedule an appointment.

What Is a Ductless System?

A ductless system is a heat pump, but one that is constructed a little differently than the central heat pumps you might know. Instead of circulating air through a duct system, ductless systems use individual air handlers to condition individual rooms.

One air handler is installed in each room, with up to four air handlers connected to one outside unit. Each air handler has its own thermostat, allowing it to operate separately from the rest of the system.

The system still evaporates and condenses refrigerant to move heat from one place to the other. Ductless systems contain reversing valves, just like centralized heat pumps do, allowing them to act as either heating or air conditioning systems.

We Install and Service Ductless Systems throughout Roseville, CA

Installing a ductless system is a bit different than installing a centralized heater or air conditioner. Rather than hooking the system up to a preexisting duct network, each part of the ductless system needs to be installed individually.

The various parts are then connected through power and refrigerant lines, so that they can operate as one system. If you need a Roseville air conditioning expert to take care of your ductless installation services, give us a call.

We also offer a full range of ductless maintenance and repair services. Just like any other system, ductless mini splits are prone to developing problems over years of normal use. If you want to maintain your ductless system for as long as possible, be sure to schedule preventive maintenance at least once a year. If a problem does happen to occur, call for repairs as soon as possible and we’ll take care of it for you.

If you are looking for a ductless system for your Roseville area home then please call Crane Heating & Cooling today at 916-622-0040 or fill out our online request form.

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