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Air Filtration Systems in Roseville, CA

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Most of the time, when it comes to indoor comfort, we focus just on our air conditioners and heaters in towns like Roseville, CA. But air conditioners and heaters are only one part of the process because air filtration systems are essential.

Designed to screen dust and dirt out of the air in your home, this system improves all aspects of your indoor air quality. The level of dust in your air goes down – protecting your lungs from allergy attacks and helping your family breathe easier – and the other elements in your HVAC system are protected from the problems of dust coating.

At Crane Heating & Cooling, we’re trained to install and replace air filtration systems in your Roseville home, but we do more than that. We are the HVAC contractor that can provide regular maintenance sessions to help your air filter work the way it should, and when you need a repair call, we can be there quickly and fix the problem effectively.

Air filtration makes a great follow-up punch to your regular heating and air conditioning. Make sure you can take advantage of its power!

How Do Air Filtration Systems Work?

Every air conditioner and heater comes with a basic air filter: usually, a screen running across the apex of your ducts. They work just fine, but they need to be cleaned or replaced fairly often, and smaller particles can usually evade them.

A more formal air filtration system uses ionization and similar methods to more effectively scrub the air, removing even the tiniest particles from circulation. (Ionization causes any particles passing through the field to stick to a collection pan, pulling them out of your air.) Considering the high amounts of dust we often get in Roseville, a comprehensive air filtration system makes all kinds of sense.

What Kind of Benefits Does that Deliver?

You might wonder what removing so much dust from the air in your home does for you. In the first place, it enhances your indoor air quality: a state that helps everyone, but especially those with serious breathing issues, such as asthmatics and people suffering from allergies.

Homes with newborns or elderly residents can benefit from air filters too. But more than that, by keeping dust from collecting in your heater and air conditioner, air filtration can reduce friction on moving components and let your HVAC system do its job for less effort.

We Cover All Kinds of Air Filtration Systems

At Crane Heating & Cooling, we know how much of a difference air filtration systems can make in your life, and we’re dedicated to fixing the problem properly. That’s why we offer comprehensive installation and repair options throughout the life of your system.

We’ll help you select the perfect air filter for your home, then install it the right way, so that it works as intended from the first day. We’ll keep it maintained regularly to avoid breakdowns, and if more serious trouble arises, we can perform repairs in a flash.

Finally, when the time comes to replace it, we’ll get you squared away with the newest version to keep your home clean. It all starts with a phone call, so contact us today for your air filtration systems services.

If you are looking for an indoor air filtration systems service provider in the Roseville areas then please call Crane Heating & Cooling today at 916-622-0040 or fill out our online request form.

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